Nothing should disturb your work. Surrounding items should help you to accomplish the ideas and projects.

The OfficeHouse company offers its clients everything from a pen to computer, from the furniture to programs. All the necessary things that are essential to the work!


Help in using the internet-shop



To make a purchase, you must first of all register


To do this you will need to:


1. On the main page in the right upper corner you need to press ''Login'' 

2. A form will appear in a window, that will require You to enter password and login. If you already have them - enter them and press button ''Enter''. If You don't have a login, press ''Registration'' 

3. In a new window enter your information that are required for the registration. Fields marked with a star are mandatory. After all the fields have been filled, press the button ''Registration''. After registration you need to activate your profile. To do this you need to enter the web page that will be in an e-mail, that will arrive to your e-mail address that you stated during the registration. 

4. Memorize your password and login. For the future, to make purchases on the internet shop, you will need to sign in to your account. 



Now you can make purchases.  


1. On the main page and the sub-pages you can see the main product categories: -Stationary items -Office appliances -Office technology -Household appliances -Tasty office  

2. In each category are sub-categories, where you can choose the required group of items. 

3. By clicking on the group you will see price tags for the items. You can type in the amount of the required items in the empty space and press the image with the shopping basket. That means, that the item will be added to you purchase. 

4. You can also click on the name of the item, that will bring to a page with a detailed description of the product. Here you can also choose the required amount for the item and then you need to press the button ''Add to the shopping cart'' 

5. On the same page you can see similar products to the on you have selected. 

6. This way you can add the amount of items that you require.



How to place an order  


1. By clicking on the word ''Shopping cart'' (in the upper right corner), you will come to a page, where you can see your order. You can delete an item by clicking on the ''X''. 

2. Below the list of you purchases you can see the total cost of your order. 

3. Press the button ''Place an order''. Follow the instructions. STEP 1 Press ''Send'' STEP 2 Choose one of the delivery options: 1. Pickup 2. Delivery from a courier STEP 3 Choose the way you want to pay for your order 1.Bank transfer 2. BY cash to the courier. Press the button ''End''  

4. Congratulations! Your order has been placed. 

5. Now to your email( the one you chose during the registration) will come a letter, in which the number of your order will be stated and information regarding you order. We will also inform you when you order will begin 


Happy shopping!



Attention: Internet-market and purchasing the goods work only on russian version of this site