Nothing should disturb your work. Surrounding items should help you to accomplish the ideas and projects.

The OfficeHouse company offers its clients everything from a pen to computer, from the furniture to programs. All the necessary things that are essential to the work!


Company «Office»  was established in the year 2005 by a big Baltic concern FOPI SIA (Latvia) that has many year experience with item sales from a catalog. The main office with a wide and developed network in delivering products to all of the Europe is located in Riga. FOPI SIA is represented in all of the Baltic countries, Moscow, Kaliningrad and is the biggest supplier and seller of stationary and office merchandise in the Baltic states.  


The main activity of the company is to provide offices and companies with office supplies, office furniture, office equipment and household appliances. The main principle which the company follows when forming the range of products - it's the aspiration to supply the most interesting, highest quality, and most importantly, products that are of an available price. We carefully evaluate each of the clients desires and we try to suggest supplies, that would satisfy the needs of all clients.  


An individual approach to each client allows us to make the best supply for the buyer, as for the prices and also for the payment possibilities. We work with our clients using a couple of ways to make the payments for the product: consignment, deferment of payment and prepayment.